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We're a tech-driven label, agency and community devoted to helping independent artists make their best music yet, and to generate more results, faster, and with less wasted spend. Discover our growing family of apps, services, games and shows, content, sites, playlists and more.

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LivingRoomSociety for Independent Artists

Discover our comprehensive range of products, services, apps, games, playlists and more, and learn more about how we partner with independent artists to grow and produce their best music yet.

LivingRoomSociety for Music Lovers and Fans

Earn points, win prizes and shape the music of tomorrow, anywhere, anytime with LivingRoomSociety. Our growing family of games, shows, playlists and apps enables you to monetize your "idle time", from waiting in line and in waiting rooms to studying, sleeping, driving and more. We have options to earn and win for every one. Discover the Society today and earn and win while discovering the best new music.

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About LivingRoomSociety

Exclusively Independent

We exclusively work with independent artists, helping the best emerging artists break through the noise of over 100K+ new tracks a day being shared with the world. We've built a community and family of services, products, and apps, all aimed at supporting independent music. Our entire family of products, services, apps and media are exclusively devoted to sharing the best emerging independent music.

Building Strong Foundations

With more music added to streaming platforms and socials every day than ever before, it's more important than ever to out-think, and to use strategic tactics to break through the noise. We've built proprietary tools and technologies, and a highly engaged community, to empower and amplify projects and campaigns with unparalleled data and insights and by uniquely combining traditional production workflows with marketing and growth activities.

Exclusive Tools, Tech & Tactics

There are tons of agencies devoted to music marketing, playlisting, Youtube ads, etc, with varying levels of success and legitimacy. Rather than trying to simply compete with such service providers, and convince you why we're superior, we're carving our own path. We expertly combine AI, battle-tested tactics, technologies and more to create new methods for growth. Don't waste time and money hoping for the best with outdated tactics, diluted strategies and ineffective partners.

It's all in the family

Discover our growing family of apps, games, playlists, shows, products and services - exclusively for independent artists and music lovers.

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